Powershop was founded in New Zealand in 2007. They expanded into the Australian electricity market in 2012 and now offer electricity services to residential and business customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Residents in Victoria can also bundle their gas with their electricity account.

Powershop offers an innovative approach to retail energy. Customers can purchase Powerpacks in advance to cover past and future electricity usage. Powershop’s plans include their Power Saver, Mega Pack, and the Super Future Pack which offers huge savings for buying ahead.

Why choose Powershop?

Powershop is Australia’s ‘greenest’ energy retailer. They were rated as the most environmentally friendly electricity retailer by the Green Electricity Guide. The GEG provide an independent and unbiased ranking of the environmental performance of all retailers selling electricity to Australian households. Their review found that Powershop owns only renewable assets with their greenhouse emission close to zero, they don’t invest in fossil fuels, and are actively involved with local energy trading and community energy projects.

For those wanting to make a difference to the future of sustainable energy, Powershop customers can choose their Community Energy Powerpack which supports small-scale, community energy projects in Australia

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Service Locations

  • NSW
  • VIC

  • SA

  • QLD

Customer Types

  • Residential
  • Business

Benefits of getting connected with Powershop

  • 100% Carbon Neutral and Renewable Energy

  • Residential and Business electricity plans

  • Competitive pricing with discounted Powerpacks

  • Pay Online

  • User-friendly app to monitor energy prices and usage

  • No Lock-In Contracts or Exit Fees

  • Published Sustainability Reports