Powerdirect is an Australian energy retailer that supplies to residential customers as well as business and commercial customers. They also offer specialised services to small and medium enterprises, and multi-site customers who want to use the same electricity retailer at multiple business locations.

Powerdirect has been operating as an Australian energy retailer since 1997. In 2007, they were acquired by AGL Energy. As AGL is one of Australia’s largest energy companies, Powerdirect has access to highly competitive wholesale electricity prices.

Powerdirect makes it easy to read and understand your electricity bill. As well as a breakdown of your tariffs and usage rates, your bill includes several graphs that show how much energy you are using through the day, average daily electricity costs, a comparison of your use at the same time last year, and a comparison of your electricity usage with other homes in your area.

Powerdirect is currently available to customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland. Rates vary however, in various states, customers have access to Single Tariffs, 5-Day Time-of-Use Tariffs, Controlled Load rates, and Peak/Off-Peak rates. Digital smart meters are available that measure home electricity use every 30 minutes.

Why choose Powerdirect?

Powerdirect attracts customers with their competitive prices, energy saving advice, flexible operation in four different states, and commitment to quality customer service. If you are looking for flexible payment options or a monthly billing option to reduce bill shock, Powerdirect have a range of online and in-person payment options.

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Service Locations

  • NSW
  • VIC

  • SA

  • QLD

Customer Types

  • Residential
  • Business

Benefits of getting connected with Powerdirect

  • Residential and Business Energy Plans

  • Specialised plans for multi-site businesses

  • Competitive pricing
  • Pay online option
  • Solar friendly with Feed-in Tariffs

  • Renewable Energy Plans

  • No fees for paper bills

  • Monthly billing options